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The complete Petit Robert in its latest edition

  • All new words and meanings
  • 60,000 words, 300,000 meanings, 185,000 examples of usage
  • Etymology, phonetics, synonyms, antonyms, expressions and proverbs
  • 35,000 quotes from 1,300 authors

Unrivaled editorial tools

  • 620 boxes on the etymological families of words
  • Conjugation tables for all verbs
  • 16,000 difficult words and 300 recorded quotes
  • Indexes of 15,000 compound words and 14,000 idioms from Le Petit Robert
  • An integrated dictionary of authors (biographies)

A new, more user-friendly version

  • An entirely redesigned interface that’s more intuitive and user-friendly
  • A dictionary of authors
  • A simplified search for words by typing first letters
  • An integrated search covering all indexes at once (entry words, inflected forms, idioms, compound words)

Powerful features

  • Spellchecker
  • Full hypertext navigation
  • Multi-criteria search engine for word games, rhymes, quote searches, etc.
  • Accessible in one click at any time: A hypercall opens the dictionary from all other applications

A dictionary that’s always accessible

  • Unlimited access during subscription period, with no updates to install
  • Searchable online from any computer (PC, Mac, tablets, Linux)

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