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Le Grand Robert
de la langue française

The largest, most up-to-date dictionary of the French language

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For the 60th anniversary of the Robert dictionaries discover the new edition of the Grand Robert updated with:

  • More than 1,500 new words and meanings
  • Over 1,200 quotes from contemporary authors
  • Powerful hypercall features to fully incorporate the dictionary into your IT environment and open it with one click

Exceptional content

  • 100,000 words, 350,000 meanings, and all spellings, etymologies and nuances in meaning
  • 25,000 expressions, idioms and proverbs
  • 5,000 notes on the French language
  • 325,000 quotes and 2,000 author biographies

Unparalleled digital power at your service

Easily readable screen layout, full hypertext navigation, multiple display modes for articles, clear and intuitive interface and a powerful, multi-criteria search engine.

My dictionary always accessible on the Internet

Unlimited access during subscription period, the latest edition available, no updates to install, searchable online from any computer (PC, Mac, tablets, Linux).

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